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Honestly, I don’t remember much from Jake’s Season of the Bachelor, but what I do vividly remember is Tenley’s hometown date and her dancing. She looked so peaceful and free. Just gorgeous. Since that moment, Tenley’s life has never been the same. She was able to successfully diagnose her gluten struggles, turning her health around. She met the man of her dreams on Bachelor Pad, Kiptyn.  The best part? She’s paying it forward to all of you currently struggling with celiac disease through her new website and educating herself on nutrition so YOU don’t have to suffer like she did for 24 years.

She’s such a sweetheart and her story is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for this interview Tenley! I am excited about your future and the future of everyone you touch through your journey in life. Hope y’all enjoy a glimpse into Tenley’s Sweet Life! ;)

What are your everyday cheapies, products that we can buy at the drugstore that you use on a frequent basis?

I am pretty “cheap” when it comes to beauty products! ;) I use oil of olay for my moisturizer! My mom is in her 50’s and you would NEVER know it, it may be genes, but I know her one main beauty regiment her whole life has been Oil of Olay… so I hope I got her genes and that it works like magic for me as well! I even use it as my eye makeup remover.

My other “steal” from the drugstore or Target is my bronzer. My favorite bronzer, over all the “fancy pants” ones is the brand NYC. It’s my special secret…well, guess the secret is out now!

I also LOVE almay liquid eyeliner for my upper lid and pen for the lower lid.

My all time favorite mascara is an easy and affordable find too, Loreal voluminous—that stuff works like magic.

What are your go to hair products and styling secrets? 

I love Organix shampoo and conditioner! They are gluten free, and I have to be gluten free, so these products are perfect for me. I love the coconut milk one the best! For styling, I’m so plain. I don’t really like using any product for styling, but I do use a hairspray to calm the flyaways and hold the curls. I think I have a Joico styling spray at the moment.

What 3 beauty products are in your handbag right now?

Youngblood Lipstick in Coral Beach (LOVE It) , coconut milk lotion, and I always have some bobby pins and cute headband on hand. 

What are some beauty/make up splurges that you know are expensive but SO worth it?

Mac Blush, eyeshadow, and foundation. You’ve probably noticed that I don’t have super bad spending habbits when it comes to beauty products, but these three products I usually have to go to the makeup counters for.

What’s your fave new beauty product/hair discovery?

I have recently started using a Sea Salt Spray for the beachy hair look! It’s easy and perfect for the soCal beach girl look.

I also absolutely love bathing in Coconut Oil – it is the best organic/natural new beauty product I have found. It leaves my skin silky smooth and the amount of nutrients that your skin absorbs is unreal!

What make up products do you use for your everyday look?

NYC Bronzer, Peachy Keen Mac Blush, Loreal Voluminous Mascara

What’s your signature scent(s)?


Any skincare products that you swear by?

Oil of Olay, Sunscreen, and coconut oil

Your clothes are adorable, stylish but easy! Are you an in-store shopper or online shopper? What are some of your fave shopping spots?

You’re super sweet, thank you. I’m a very simple shopper and dresser, you got the easy part right. ;) I have a “go to” online boutique I like to shop at for special events or fun items I just “have to have”, ShopModerne. I also love shopping at fun boutiques I find, you can find some great unique items that can make an outfit. Where I find many of my simple token items… good ol’ Forever 21 and Nordstrom.

Your body is phenomenal. What’s a typical week for your fitness routine?

I Love you! ;) Thank you. I danced professionally for many years, so when I started slowing down with that, I started to run for a positive outlet, but now without dance, running is a different thing for me, very therapeutic. I have also fallen in love with Hot Yoga, and love circuit workouts and barre (booty) workouts. The best thing I have ever done for myself was started following a Lifestyle plan, this is what I owe my new passion and love for Nutrition and fitness to! Check it out: Tone it Up!

Your website, Tenley’s Sweet & Free Life, is amazing! I love that you decided to use your own personal battle to promote and help others in your same shoes. AND I love that your GF recipes are simple and not too complicated for everyday meals! How did you finally come to the conclusion that you had a gluten intolerance? What were your symptoms growing up? Do you think there are different levels of intolerance, meaning some people may have severe cases while others are milder?

I’m glad you like my new website, it’s my baby. ;) Great Questions.

I was “sick” my whole life, in so much pain (mainly stomach/digestive issues) and saw plenty of doctors, visited the ER a few times, and had several tests done. No answers. At age 24 (4 years ago) I read a book about Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. One part of the book was focused on mis-diagnosis and several people living undiagnosed… I was one of these people. Unfortunately, there isn’t money for research at this time, because there is no money for pharmaceutical research to make, because as of now, the only “cure” is changing your lifestyle and going gluten free.  Because there isn’t any money in the research doctors aren’t focusing on learning about this, some are doing it on their own, but mine had not, this is where I went undiagnosed. Once I read this book, and learned more, I had every single symptom. I decided to cut out gluten myself, voila! That was the answer. Never in my life had I known or thought that I could live not feeling sick. Now I do. It’s the best thing ever.

I’ll spare you the details of symptoms, but like I mentioned before… stomach/digestive issues. I was also very ill all the time, as my immune system was shot because I lived malnourished (because I was poisoning myself every time I ate), being malnourished made my body have to work a lot harder.

Celiac Disease is SEVERE, it’s an autoimmune disease, and if you even have the slightest bit of gluten (it’s a tiny particle), you’re toast, but you’re also breaking your body down along the way. So someone with celiac has to be extra careful because not only will they become sick, but they’re also putting their bodies/life in danger in the long run. Someone with a gluten intolerance needs to be treated with just as much caution and care, for similar reasons… anytime you “poison” your body, you’re breaking your body down. Something that I want to bring to people’s attention is, there is no such thing as being “half gluten-free”. Once the gluten is in your system (even just a particle) you will react with symptoms you’re trying to avoid (bloating, swelling, illness, stomach issues, headaches, rashes).

I think it’s safe to say that we are ALL huge supporters of you and Kiptyn. When are you guys going to make it official and get engaged already?!?!

Haha, wouldn’t I like to know! ;) It’s up to the man. We talk about it, and obviously we’re heading in that direction or we wouldn’t still be dating two years later. We are enjoying our time, we’re not in a rush. I know we come from the Bachelor Franchise, so people expected a quick engagement, but we’re not doing this for anybody else we’re together for us.

ABC is in the midst of choosing their next Bachelor…..Who are you rooting for?

I thought Arie would have made a great Bachelor, but he just announced it will not be him. And our buddy Roberto took himself out of the running (so much respect for that man), so it looks like it may be down to Sean. I think he will be a classy guy, but my fear is that his heart will be taken advantage of. I hope they find him some “good girls”. My one piece of advice is, don’t get engaged on the show! Get to know one another outside of cameras and the pressure, it will make a difference in the track record.

What’s next for Tenley?

I’ve been a busy lady and grateful for all that has been on my plate. I’ve been the Editor-In-Chief of Fashion 5.0, a fashion magazine based out of San Diego, and that has been a fun adventure. But Sweet & Free Life (www.sweetandfreelife.com) is my baby these days, I have some big plans to come with this brand and website. I hope to help many people find the answers to a life free of pain, but I also hope to help guide others to the things I love so much that make my life so sweet! I’m currently working on several projects on the side that will reflect the goals of Sweet & Free Life and I cannot wait to share! I’m also starting school, ahhh!! I’m going back to school to get my credentials/certification to be a Hollistic Nutrition/Health Coach. I hope that this will be used as an extension of what I can offer through my website, but most of all I can’t wait to learn how to help others with their health.