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It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, I always feel this way when school starts and the football season countdown gets under 30 days. But with that comes amazing new palettes and sets from all the lines and here are some that I am currently lusting over:

Benefit is a great line and this palette offers some of their super star products for just $30.00.

This Sephora Natural Instincts Eyeshadow Palette is GORGEOUS! I love ALL of these shadows and they are perfect for fall!  For under $30.00, this is a GREAT palette with wonderful reviews.

Another eyeshadow palette I have been eyeing are these Smashbox Palettes for specific eye colors!  This one is for brown eyes, but they have palettes for all the eye colors. What a brilliant concept that makes choosing eye shadow easy!

Speaking of Smashbox….check this out…AMAZING. QVC actually offered a MEGA palette that was very similar to this one but retailed for $100, which was a great deal but just was a little out of my reach. ENTER Smashbox’s version for Sephora, The Master Class Palette. It’s much more affordable and has everything from shadows to blushes, cream eyeliners, highlighters, and brow powders. I LOVE that the eyeshadows are lined up in trios (you can see that in the second pic below) so you can easily tell what groupings to use together, if you need a little guidance.

And finally, this NARS blush palette….LOVE this. I love the fact that all the colors are side by side so you can easily pick which blush suits your look of the day. Sometimes having several blush shades in various compacts gets tough because you forget what you have or end up putting on one when you wished you would have used another.  But this NARS palette has them all….coral, pink, and even the infamous Orgasm, which is the most universally flattering blush shade out there. Looks good on EVERYONE.

So those are the Back to School Palettes, I am currently lusting over…..which one do you have your eye on??

XOXO, Katie