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I decided last night it was time to change out my teal, chiped, and worn off polish to something a little more traditional and a hubs fave, hot PINK! I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to your roots. :)

I normally do a pretty close to perfect job on my own pedicures BUT last night, I tried a few new things that took my toes to the next level.  Really the most professional job I’ve ever done and here’s how…….

  • The morning before or of the big day, make sure to scrub your feet with a Pumice Stone. I have posted about this before, but really one of the loves of my life.  I love a Pumice Stone because it’s cheap and maybe one of the most effective tools I own. Just scrub your heels and the sides of your feet, anywhere you have some extra dry skin. You will be able to tell when all the dead skin is gone because the new skin will feel slick under the water.


  • Then I use a smoother/buffer to go over my nails, which removes the ridges. This is really a crucial step and sometimes when I am in a hurry, I skip the first two steps and just head straight for this one. I don’t use all four sides, just the one with the medium/small grit.  (If I am going for a nice buffed look for my fingernails with no polish, I’ll use all four sides)

  •  These next two steps are the ones I added to my “process” last night, life changing. After your nails are buffed, you will see all the white residue left on the nails…..normally I would just wipe it off but last night I put oil on my cuticles. I have a nice cuticle oil, but if you don’t….just go to your kitchen cabinet and grab some olive oil….will work just as well. Once I finish this step, I move on to the other foot/hand so that the oil can really mositurize the cuticles.

  • Ok, so both feet/hands should have the oil on them at this point. So go back to the original foot/hand, and wipe off the oil using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will remove the oil so you can paint your nails. This really blew my process out of the water. I felt like the alcohol really dried my nails allowing the polish to dry faster but my cuticles were still really mositurized from the oil.  It was strange but an awesome strange.
  • Now, your nails are ready for painting.  Just do the best you can. if you get outside the lines, use a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to remove any excess. I always apply two coats of polish and then a top coat. Now, I believe that you can really get away with buying any brand of nail polish that you want but a nice top coat is really a great investment to a great looking finish. So you may want to splurge on the top coat.
  • Here’s my final result……proof that YOU can give yourself a professional looking mani/pedi all by yourself! :)

The color in this pic is OPI’s Koala Berry

Hope y’all have an amazing day!

XOXO, Katie