Bringing Your Sexy Back…


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I just returned home from one of the most amazing cruise’s ever with about 16 other women….some I knew, most I didn’t. BUT the best part…..all women equals lots of blog inspiration! ;) One of the women on the cruise stepped out of her room for dinner or maybe drinks, it’s all starting to run together now. But she was looking as gorgeous as ever and I instantly noticed something about her that I have been coveting for as long as I can remember. BODY SHIMMER. I have just always thought body shimmer was super sexy and gorgeous. And it just takes your look to the next level. This did just that. She looked amazing.

So naturally I had to get the scoop from her so I could get some for myself. And she was using a Sephora sample of this…

Stila All Over Shimmer

It’s reasonably priced and seems like one of those products that would last forever. I would mainly use this all over my arms and my decolletage. It’s just the most perfect amount of shimmer and truly a liquid luminizer. This is definitely on my holiday wish list…..if I make it that long!

XOXO, Katie

NARS Orgasm Dupe!


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A few weeks ago I made some drapes for my neighbor’s kitchen, and in return, she surprised with with…..MAKEUP! Surprise, Surprise. No complaints here. :)

Her girlfriend actually sells MaryKay, which I have not used in probably um…..15 years. I will say, I have been uninterested in MK because the quality was lacking for me BUT let me just tell you, I definitely feel like they are improving and it starts with this blush right here.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Blush in Shy Color

The color is gorgeous…it’s a peachy pink with gold shimmer. And the gold shimmer is truly a shimmer, not glitter or big specks of sparkle. The staying power is top notch and the color pigmentation is great, buildable and blendable. I love this blush and will order it over and over and over again. The best part…’s a SPITTING image of NARS Blush in Orgasm, but it’s only $10.00.  HELLO. No decision for me, I am so happy I found this gem!!

I would swatch it, but sometimes it’s hard to get a good read on blush swatches. However, the best part about Mary Kay is that you can just get a small sample to try for yourself. Here’s a good place to start!

So…if you have always wanted to try NARS Orgasm or want the PERFECT peachy pink blush with gold shimmer. Try this one out. You won’t be disappointed you did. I promise!

XOXO, Katie

Come Sail Away with Me!

I’m going on my first cruise!! AND I couldn’t be more excited. A few months ago, my sister in law called me to tell me a group of her friends, 16 of them to be exact, were putting together a cruise, would I go? I quickly called my mom, because stay at home mom’s need back up for special occasions such as this. And without hesitation, she told me to GO!

She was a stay at home mom too….and knows what some MOST days feel like, not ever having a break. Being on all the time. And not having a lot of time for just yourself. Going on this cruise means more to me than just going on a girls trip or taking a vacation….it means remembering my old self. It means feeling a sense of freedom, if for only a few days.

The hardest part of having my first born was mourning my old self. Knowing that I would never feel that way again, my independence that I treasured so much would be stripped from me forever. It was a hard realization for me and something that most women don’t talk about. I don’t like putting on shows for people, being a mom has and is one of the toughest things that I have ever done in life.

And for that very reason, I’m beyond excited and grateful for such a supportive mom because she understands more than anyone the hardships of simply being a mom.

I’ll be back next week, but until then, I’ll be…

XOXO, Katie

Chatting with Prima about Her Beauty Faves & Exciting NEW Future!


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Sometimes I put my readers first when it comes to interviews….but sometimes, I do them just for ME. This one happens to be the latter. :) Prima was actually one of my first follows when I entered the Twitter world….in all actuality, I was trying to stay up to date on her brother in law and little Miss Maynard. Turns out they didn’t quite work out, my world was crushed, BUT I began to discover what a gem Prima was! She is so sweet, sincere, grateful and does it all with such grace. I love that she’s a real woman living real life….living with the same struggles we all have.

Since her Capetown visit on The Bachelor…..Prima’s been busy raising her ADORABLE children, running tons of half marathons, taking care of her hottie husband and setting her sites high on reinventing herself through a new career. I sincerely hope that y’all enjoy this interview as much as I did! Thank you so much Prima for taking time to answer a few of my questions on your fave beauty products and must haves. I hope y’all enjoy! :)

What are your everyday cheapies, products that we can buy at the drugstore that you use on a frequent basis? 

Gold Bond Intensive Healing Hand Cream – As a mom of two little kids, I’m constantly washing my hands to avoid germs.  This is the best lotion to throw in your purse and apply after washing your hands. It’s not oily at all and has a pleasant simple smell.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask- I can only find this cheapie at Walgreens but I’ve been using this since college years.  I don’t use it for a mask.  I just apply it at night to blemishes that have flared up and by morning they are much better.  It’s a bright green color and my kids always ask “Mommy why do you have toothpaste on your chin?”

Bert’s Bees Lip Shimmer – I have three of these I carry around with me.  I love the lightness of the product on your lips so you don’t look overdone and it soothes your lips at the same time.  Great for the gym or just running errands, especially in the colder months.  Fig is my favorite color. It has a minty smell that I like.

What are your go to hair products and styling secrets? 

I use Redken shampoo and conditioner on my hair and sometimes I use Biolage.  But I’m currently looking for something new to freshen up my hair after all the highlights, swimming and sun damage from last summer.

What 5 beauty products are in your handbag right now?

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, Clinique mascara, Clinique eye shadow, Clinique lipstick, Are you seeing a pattern here? :-) And a small Ralph Lauren Romance perfume

What are some beauty/make up splurges that you know are expensive but SO worth it?

I splurge on all my Clinique make-up.  I’ve been using Clinique since high school and I just never switched to anything else because I love the matte finish.  Also, the eye shadow comes in the best shade combinations.  Another splurge is getting a really good facial . Its such a self-indulgence but so worth it when your skin feels refreshed and silky smooth. Wes and I usually get facials together on vacations as a treat to ourselves.   (yes, my manly man loves being pampered!)

What’s your fave new beauty product/hair discovery?

My newest discovery is my 1 1/2 inch curling iron.  It gives my hair that wavy look without it being such obvious curls.  The trick is to not pull the curling iron all the way to the bottom of your hair.  Start at the top part of the strand and wrap the hair around.  That way your ends don’t get the hottest part causing the most damage to your oldest hair.  (I learned this from my awesome hair stylist!)

What make up products do you use for your everyday look? 

Concealer is a must for every day for this tired mama! I never know when I’ll have a sleepless night whether it’s due to my 4 year old daughter waking up from a nightmare and needing some extra cuddling, or laying awake going through my mental checklists, calendars, grocery lists, etc or a my 3 year old son deciding THAT day is going to start at 4:45am. (coffee please!) So I have to use concealer under my eyes to hide the dark circles. I rarely use foundation, it’s just too heavy for my skin so I use my Clinique Stay Beige Pressed Powder. I go cheap on blush and use Ulta’s Mineral Blush – Tiger Lily.  It comes in a small round container so it’s easy to throw in your make-up bag in your purse.  I use Clinique lipstick – color Tender Heart.  For eye shadows I have green eyes so I use plums most of the time to compliment them and sometimes shimmery golds and browns.

What’s your signature scent?

I use lots of different kinds of perfumes because I like to change it up every day.  But when it’s date night with my hubby I always use Burberry, he loves it on me.

Any skincare products that you swear by?

I use Murad skincare products.  It helps keep my breakouts under control and has anti-aging qualities.

You’re a mom of two like me, any tips or short cuts on applying makeup on the go?

You mean there’s a different way to apply make-up other than “on the go?!” LOL! Actually, can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I like to apply my eye make-up in the car in my driveway.  I load the kids into their carseats, put on their favorite music and I can apply my eye makeup without requests or distractions.  And it’s so easy with the vanity mirror on the sun visor because its right in front of you so you can pay attention to detail.  Also, sunlight is the best way to make sure you’re not putting on too much eye make-up. But to me, when you’re really on the go, you only need 3 things- concealer under the eyes, light mascara and some lip shimmer.  That will give you a nice “awake” look when you don’t have time for all the fuss.

Are you an in-store clothes shopper or online shopper? What are some of your fave shopping spots?

When I’m shopping for clothes for myself I’m an in-store shopper.  I’ve been disappointed too many times by clothes looking different than they did online.

My favorite shopping spots are Nordstrom Rack, Bond- a local Austin boutique, and my favorite spot for gym clothes is Lululemon.

Stella & Dot is an amazing line, how did you get started? Any advice for women who are interested in becoming a consultant, like yourself?

I learned about Stella & Dot from a good friend of mine from my Mom’s Group (our kids have had weekly playdates since they were 6 months old!) She was really enjoying her new venture and felt that I would love it too.  Her enthusiasm was contagious!  It’s a GREAT way for stay-at-home mamas to earn some extra income to help with swim lessons, dance lessons, family vacations, etc.  It’s socializing with other women in a fun environment and its a product that is so easy to fall in love with its’ trendiness, beauty and quality.  You can start as a stylist with as low as a $199 investment which you easily earn back after just one trunk show. You can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.  And you get to wear your investment ALL the time! The jewelry is so gorgeous.  If anyone is interested they can message me for more information.

I actually started twitter to keep up with Brad and Emily’s relationship after the show, which lead me to you, and was disappointed that things didn’t work. But I think I speak for all women in wondering how Brad is doing now? Is he on the market? ;)

Brad is doing well, just focusing on his career.  As far as I know, he is still “on the market!”

So often we talk about how life impacts the lead of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but were you impacted at all? I always wonder how long it really takes life to return back to normal once you hit the reality tv circuit.  Do you still watch the show?

I feel that anyone like Brad or Emily, starring on a reality tv show are definitely impacted by the unexpected amount of fame and attention, giving up things that are normally kept private and personal.  However, for the small portion that I was involved in, I would have to say I was only impacted in positive ways.  I was able to travel to South Africa, a trip I never dreamed of being able to take in my life.  It was such a beautiful place.  The whole time we were in Capetown, I just kept picturing the maps, globes and puzzles I’d had as a child and trying to comprehend that I was at the bottom of that big continent. To this little girl, Africa wasn’t anywhere I’d ever get to travel to, but rather a puzzle piece on a map that I’d learned in school. The people there were so friendly, kind and extremely interesting.  There was so much history there.  And the beauty of the vast ocean waves crashing on the shores next to mountains was breath-taking. I do have to say, it was difficult to be away from my then 1 year old and 2 year old babies for ten days and I missed them terribly, causing me to be homesick. But all in all it was an experience that I greatly thank the show for giving to me.  I hoped like most that the fairy tale ending would happen for Brad and Emily and was sad when it didn’t. These days, I watch the show every once in a while but I have to admit, I’m not a die-hard fan.  It’s hard for this mama to keep up with any shows.  By the time the kids are in bed, I’m exhausted and trying to plan for the next day.

What’s next for Prima?

Oh my goodness, who knows?!?!  My goal I set a few months ago was to go back to work full-time next fall when my daughter, Lyla Kate, starts Kindergarten.  Before kids, I worked for 9 years in the apartment management industry and loved it.  After I had Lyla Kate, I became a stay-at-home mom and I was so thankful to be able to do that.  But I believe the time has come for this mama to return to work.  I love working with a team, building something special, reaching goals and helping others.  Some rewards you just can’t get from being home with kids. So the itch to go back to work crept up on me.  Stella & Dot was a natural choice for me to begin working now without giving up my time with the kids.  I also recently starting working part-time at a baby/children’s boutique in my neighborhood.  It is the funnest job, helping customers pick out adorable outfits and gifts for baby showers, special birthdays or just to deck their kids out in the most unique and precious clothing and shoes, oh and of course hair bows!  I would love to make Stella & Dot a full-time job by next year, so that’s my newest goal.  I also have a personal goal to complete a marathon next year. I was able to complete 3 half-marathons this year and loved it. But training takes up so much time so I’m taking a break from that for a while. I’m also getting more involved with my church. I have a wonderful community of people at church that are helping me on my journey with God. I am so blessed.

PERFECTLY spoooooooky nails!


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Happy Halloween Y’all! In honor of today’s lovely events to come, I decided what better than to post a spooky nail color?!?!

I LOVE this color for fall and actually posted about it a few weeks ago before I picked it up, but now I own it….and I couldn’t be happier!

Butter London La Moss

Such a gorgeous color for fall and winter, right??? LOVE.

XOXO, Katie